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Today’s Harvest


Oh look! Another zucchini.

The tomatoes are coming in steady now. They’re a little watery tasting from all the rain, but they’ll cook up fine. I made my first Tomato Sandwich of the season with a nice Cherokee Purple. It was awesome. I think tomato sandwiches are a Jersey thing.

I’m not impressed with the Jolly Elf grape tomatoes. Thick skinned, a bit bland and the plants aren’t very disease resistant.
The Cherokees are doing well this year. Very little splitting, great taste and good resistance. This is my favorite fresh eating tomato.
Jersey Devil and San Marzano Gigante are new varieties for me. Both have very good taste but with all this rain, they have some blossom end rot. Both tend toward green shoulders. Once picked, it’s hard to tell these two apart. Devil seems to be a bit more resistant to disease and the end rot. I will probably stick with Devil in the future.
Early Girl was always the main tomato in my small garden. It’s hard to beat the number of pounds of tomato per square foot with any other tomato. If you’re looking for an alternative to Monsanto’s Early Girl, New Girl from Johnny’s Seeds is it. The same prolific early producer, good taste and much better disease resistance. New Girl is performing like a champ!

Today’s haul includes
Grape Tomatoes: 3 lbs.
Jersey Devil & San Marzano Gigante Tomatoes: 5 lbs.
Cherokee Purple: 1.75 lbs.
New Girl: 6 lbs.
TOTAL: 15.75 lbs. of tomatoes!
Zucchini 1 lb.
Green Beans 1/4 lb.

The jars of tomatoes in the photo were made last week and I canned 7 more quarts of tomatoes tonight. Now if only the peppers would start producing, I could make salsa.

I processed and froze the green beans with some I picked the other day.

We planted a bed of carrots yesterday. Today it rained and rained and rained some more. We had downpours for about 2 hours and got 4 inches of rain. I hope the seeds aren’t floating to the top.

There’s something up with my eggplants. The fruit is bright yellow and a bit firm. When sliced, they are bright green under the skin. They were supposed to be Black Beauty. I’ll get some photos and post more.

That’s it for today!


The Garden is Planted!

It’s a week late but we finally got everything planted in the vegetable garden. I used to plan it. I really like this software. It’s easy to use and covers everything I want in a planner and then some!

We have tomatoes! New Girl, San Marzano Giante, Jersey Devil, Cherokee Purple (my fav) and Jolly Elf. Peppers–Early Jalapeno, Joe E. Parker Anaheim and California Wonder Bell. Also, Rocambole Garlic, Patterson Yellow Onion, Black Beauty Eggplant, Zucchini, Butternut Squash, Double Yield Pickling Cucumbers, Jade Bush Green Beans Tyee Spinach, various mixes of Lettuces and Kale. Oregano, thyme, lemon thyme and rosemary are planted in containers and various locations throughout the landscape.

I’ll be adding carrots and cabbage when the garlic and onions come out. I’m still undecided what else to plant for the fall and winter garden. Maybe more cabbages and kales. I’m new at cabbage and a little confused. The seed catalogs don’t seem to say which season goes with a particular variety of cabbage. Some are very quick growers, others can take 5 or 6 months, but are they winter, spring or fall cabbages? If anyone has clues, please post a comment.

Growing Up Jersey Garden – May planting.

Here’s a link to the layout, plant list and planting schedule. I’ll post the garden layout changes as the season progresses.


I did my annual tomato plant give-away on Freecycle. I always plant extras because I have the greenhouse space and lots of these varieties aren’t available in the nurseries. I went a bit overboard and had 150 extra plants, but there were plenty of freecyclers willing to give them some garden space.

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